Allergy Membership:  $50 per month with $150 initial enrollment fee

  • 4 allergy visits per year
  • Management of Sublingual Immunotherapy (excluding cost of medication)
  • 2 allergy skin tests per year with a 50% discount

Cost of Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) through Allergy Choices: $132 for a 90 day supply

Save $450 per year with a membership!

Non-member pricing

$250 for Allergy Testing

$200 for Allergy Visit with 90 day Prescription for SLIT (excluding cost of medication)

The cost of allergy testing and treatment for one year for non-members is the same cost as a Direct Primary Care membership with allergy testing and treatment!

Member pricing for DPC members and Allergy members

$125 for Allergy Testing

Allergy Visits and SLIT Management included

Immunotherapy typically costs over $10,000 annually, and insurance will only pay for part of the cost. Allergy testing ranges from $500 – $2000. For less than $2000 per year, I offer comprehensive primary care AND allergy testing and treatment.