Fountain Direct Primary Care

If you’re like most Americans, you value your health and are always working on developing healthier habits. You probably have questions about what you should or shouldn’t include in your diet especially if you have been struggling to lose weight. Wouldn’t it be great to have a long-term relationship with a trusted physician, someone to motivate and inspire you toward better health, but also to reassure you and care for you when you’re sick?


Direct Primary Care is an innovative healthcare model which prioritizes the relationship between doctors and patients to provide affordable comprehensive care with improved access and convenience by removing the inefficiency and inflated expenses of insurance.

Are you tired of…

Seeing a different doctor at each visit

Repeating your health history over and over

Filling out the same stack of paperwork every time you go into the office

Waiting on hold when you’re sick only to be told that your doctor is booked up

Waiting for hours only to be rushed through a 5-10 minute office visit

Competing with a computer screen for your doctor’s attention

Have you stopped going to the doctor entirely because it just doesn’t seem worth your time or your money?

Many people don’t realize that the insurance companies have created this overly expensive and inefficient system which forces doctors to see more patients in shorter visits and to spend over half their time engaging in meaningless box-clicking to prove their “quality”.

What if your doctor was freed from this system?

What if…

Your doctor had the time and freedom to create a personalized healthcare plan just for you

You never had to wait in a waiting room again

Your doctor offered relaxed 30-60 minute visits to get to know you and make sure all your questions were answered

You could contact your doctor by phone, text or email if you had a question between visits

You got the care you needed when you needed it

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