Get to Know “Doctor O”

My favorite thing about primary care is the relationships.  I enjoy getting to know my patients and their stories. My goal is to help them transform their lives and improve their physical and emotional health.  Two years ago, I was struggling to find balance in my own life.  I was always at least an hour behind schedule in my clinic because I gave each patient as much time as they needed, even if I was already two hours behind.  I spent 13-14 hours per day at the office, barely saw my family, was chronically sleep deprived, and ate a diet high in sugar and other processed carbohydrates.  I was able to empathize with my patients, but I felt ill-equipped to advise them when I was still searching for answers for myself.

At this point, I discovered Direct Primary Care, and I knew it was the answer I had been looking for to be the best doctor I could be without sacrificing myself or my family.  In the meantime, I starting prioritizing my own health.  I changed my diet, drank more water, got more sleep, got more exercise, and started meditating, which has made a huge difference in my energy level and mental state.  I also changed my schedule to see fewer patients each day, so that I could still devote plenty of time to each patient, but also get home to see my family.  As I prepare to open my own Direct Primary Care practice, I realize that I am no longer doing this for myself and my family, I am doing it for my patients who deserve the very best I have to offer, and that is DPC.

Emily O’Rourke, MD

August 5, 2018


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