Health sharing is an alternative to health insurance which provides similar protection against large unexpected medical bills with a more affordable monthly payment, or share.  Over 90% of this share is used to pay the medical bills of other members.  Instead of having an annual deductible (initial out-of-pocket expenses), Sedera has an IUA (initial unshared amount) for each medical need (injury or illness).  After you pay the IUA, any other expenses will be paid by the cost sharing community.

For example, Lisa is a 45 year old single woman who is a member of a Direct Primary Care practice and Sedera.  She pays $89 per month for her DPC membership and $193 per month for her Sedera membership with a $1000 IUA.  Overall, she pays less for healthcare than she does for her daily caffeine habit.  Lisa’s screening mammogram was paid for by the Sedera community, and she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Over the next three years, she had multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, tests, doctors visits, and hospitalizations, and she only paid $1000 total for her cancer treatment.  Her Sedera family stepped in to pay the rest.

Sedera Medical Health Sharing